Humanized Mouse Model: Human Skin Xenotransplants In Vivo


In close collaboration with Prof. Amos Gilhar, Technion Israel Institute, Haifa, Israel, Monasterium Laboratory has access to unique mouse models which permit the study of human skin xenotransplants on SCID mice. In this model it is possible to assess the effect of test agents on human hair growth, pigmentation and numerous other dermatological read-outs in vivo.


In addition to the best currently available humanized alopecia areata mouse model, we can utilize the Gilhar Lab’s exceptionally instructive, well-established humanized mouse models for psoriasis, androgenetic alopecia and aging to pre-clinically test new therapeutic strategies at the highest level of preclinical experimentation that is possible prior to clinical trial .


This xenotransplant model is currently being further developed to study human chemotherapy-induced alopecia or atopic dermatitis in vivo.



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