Human Primary Skin Cell Cultures

ML’s particular strength is a well-established collaboration network with plastic surgeons and dermatologists that provide us human skin samples from several body sites (scalp, leg, abdomen, and breast) from healthy individuals or patients with skin or hair follicle diseases (incl. psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and alopecia areata).


From healthy and diseased human skin samples, several cell population can be isolated and cultured. In vitro experiments with primary cell cultures provide important insights on drug/compound safety. In addition, ML also utilizes human skin primary cells for establishing new 3D in vitro systems to meet the specific requirements of our clients.


Primary human skin cell cultures currently available at ML:

  • Hair follicle keratinocytes (outer root sheath)
  • Epidermal keratinocytes
  • Hair follicle dermal papilla cells
  • Dermal fibroblasts
  • Epidermal and hair follicle melanocytes
  • Adipocytes (DAL)
  • Immune cells (focus: T cells, macrophages, mast cells)
  • Adult human skin stem cells
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