Assays Under Development

In collaboration with the Paus Lab, University of Manchester, we are currently optimizing novel assays that permit the prolonged survival and ex vivo-study of plucked human scalp hair shafts in the presence of human hair follicle mesenchyme.


In addition, human sebaceous (Hinde et al. 2013) and eccrine gland (Poblet et al. 2016) organ culture techniques are being established in collaboration with the University of Manchester, and with Dr. F. Jimenez, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, and methods for studying human skin angiogenesis in intact, wounded, or stressed skin are being standardized.


Most challengingly, ML currently builds upon the know-how of the Paus Lab improve live-imaging of human adult epithelial stem cells in organ-cultured human hair follicle and skin organ culture by keratin 15-promoter-driven transient transfection with GFP (Tiede et al. 2010).


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