Pre-clinical services

ML provides cutting-edge pre-clinical studies in the field of dermatology with emphasis on human hair, wound healing, pigmentation, allergy, immunology, and stem cell research in state-of-the-art organ culture models.


ML aims to provide all the pre-clinical support you require to in order to help achieve your objectives - from screening your compound/ingredients in our human assay systems and  proof-of-concept studies, to developing custom-designed assays and mechanism of action research.


For service / collaboration inquiries, please contact:



Chief Scientific Officer: Dr. Marta Bertolini 


phone: +49 (0)251 93264-456


Chief Consultant: Prof. Dr. Ralf Paus        



Chief Executive Officer: Anja Borrosch


phone: +49 (0)251 93264-458

All experiments on human tissue are performed according to Helsinki guidelines, and after written patient consent and ethics committee approval and all experiments on animals are conducted according to institutional and national guidelines, after approval by the responsible authority.


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